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Learning to Sew at Sewingtime Greenwich
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Sewing Time

Wedding Season '17

I love Summer, its just the best time ever.  While everyone is having fun in the sun, in the parks and on the beaches, I get to work on the most amazing Vintage Garments in the world, Wedding Dresses.  I know I have to put my summer hols off to another time in the year, but I am so lucky to work on these unique, individual gowns.  Everyone is different yet suited to the Unique person who chooses it, and when the changes  are made you have the perfect fit!  Here are some of those beauties from this Season! 
Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed working on them.  See you next time. L

Learning to Sew at Sewingtime Greenwich

Someone once said when you sew for a living, you're always at work! How true. I may not be at my sewing machine but am I not working now?  I guess, the point is that when you totally love what you do its ceases being work, so closing the door and going home is never going to happen. Your trip to the fabric store; sitting by the river drawing sketches; meeting with clients to discuss changes to their beautiful wedding dresses; chatting cheerfully with a group of eager students; are you jealous yet?  All this variety, stimulation, creativity and pure joy makes you forget you're supposed to be making a living and that the bank manager is not going to be impressed with your tales of fun and laughter if you don't put money in the account, whoops!!  So here goes a slight change I'm going to be using this blog page for some helpful tutorials instead of reporting how much fun I'm having - do let me know what you think!

January 2017 - Alterations Tutorial
I have in the past done an alterations workshop but as each individual has very differing problems they wish to solve its difficult to cover everything in a few hours, so over the next few months I will attempt to help with some of the most common!
Shortening a Jacket Sleeve
You've just purchased your must have jacket/coat had to have it even though the sleeves are a bit on the long side, you get it home to find that that extra length far from being ok! is really annoying and you are constantly tucking it under.  Wouldn't it be great if you could just whip out that old sewing machine and fix it once and for all!  

You will need, a sharp pair of Scissors, pins, needle and thread, a tape measure, a steam Iron,  and of course the jacket.
1.Determine how much the sleeve is to be shortened by.
2.Check and Measure the width of the existing hem.
3.Unpick the existing hem and release lining.
4.Turn Sleeves inside out.
5.Turn Sleeve to create new hem at required length.
6.Allowing the width of previous hem, cut off excess fabric.
7.Re-inforce seams by re-stitching along seamlines.
8.Sew new hem in place using slip stitch.
9. Extend lining ove hem to 2cm from the end. 10. Cut off excess fabric. 11. Turn under lining and position and slip stitch in place. 12. Press thoroughly.  If you have buttons on the outside of the sleeves, remove and re-position.
And there you have it.  No more tucking under, no more irritating  over long sleeve, just style and comfort.  Until Next time.  Happy Sewing!

Sewing Time Again!

Its that time again, getting the kids ready to go back to school, will you have time for that sewing class you've be threatening to do for ever??!! Yes you do. You deserve 2 Hours per week 'ME' time!  Flexibility with start times and course length, small classes and lots of personal attention is what this place is all about.  An inspiring place where the love of sewing hits you as you enter the door to an oasis of creativity.  Sew anything from cushions to costumes.  Every year a new group of sewers join the growing handmade revolution.  Our intake is diverse from the mimimum age of 7 years to ....... 107 if you can still work a machine.  Our oldest celebrated her 80th birthday with us this year. So what are you waiting for join us!

Addicted to Sewing

"Cant wait to see you Saturday, bought loads of fabric, don't know what i'm doing with it....."   I add yet to that statement because I know from whom that excited message came and how brilliantly all of that impulsively bought fabric will be transformed into garments exquisite!!! 
A visit to my most favourite fabric shopping heaven has that effect on all of us.  Its impossible to go there and a) not get over excited and b) not come away loaded with GORGEOUS! fabrics of all description, mind toiling all the way home transforming them into the most amazing items of fashion.
Where? Where? I hear you panting - None other than a secret know only to us sewers! Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush, a short walk away from Shepherds Bush Station and a few steps from Shepherds Bush Market if you are a market addict like me and even better Goldhawk Road Station Hammersmith and City Line out of the station and straight into your first fabric shop.  Do Resist the urge to buy everything in the first shop you walk into as there is a whole street full of them all eager to take your cash in exchange for a treasure trove of beautiful, fabulous fabric!  

On your return home you book yourself into The Greenwich Sewing Club where help awaits to feed you Sewing Addiction.

What you waiting for.... Chop, Chop!

Oh! and by the way this fabric heaven is under threat by their local council and a bunch of greedy developers  ..... !! Sign their petition when you're next there.

I'm not a Tutu!

Ok I have listen and smiled at the world calling me Tutu, filly dance numbers, sweet, fluffy and look amazing on stage in the latest ballet! I love them and that in truth is where the idea came from; however I am a Skirt made partly of Tulle yes, but I am a Skirt not a Tutu! I look great at any party if you are different enough, stylish enough to wear me, I make you stand out for all the right reasons and put the smile of a confident princess on your gorgeous face!
I am the latest Party Piece for this years festive season I am a Tulle Skirt! I love to Dance! More information at

It's Sewingtime Again!

After the summer holidays, its great to see everyone back Adults and Children all busy stitching, learning and having fun! The summer was not without its stitching fest with wedding season in full swing. Congratulations to Lee-Ann, Maureen and Lucy wishing all of you success and happiness always.

Its summertime at sewingtime

Another fabulous week and sewing club is alive and kicking.  One very special member enjoyed a very special birthday last week and finished a super skirt to wear to her party!  Happy 80th Birthday special lady! A fabulous new skirt with a very modern twist, created from a piece of over 30year old fabric! Its so great to sew! 

Its been a week for finishes, this superb dress completed by another of our sewers who six months ago could barely use a sewing machine!  This is her forth creation all stunning and beautifully stitched!

Children's Sewing Club - Greenwich

Summer Dresses complete, ready for half term holidays.  Its not been easy but along the noise, the chaos the laughter and chatter dresses were made, the secret of paper patterns revealed, zips inserted the right way round and straps constructed and attached. 

Not to be outdone, the younger group, discovered the "awe" of the needlethreader, embroidered (chain stitch and french knots the favourite) and stitched producing, wall hangings,animals in pouches, bags and pillows and cushions of all shapes and sizes. 

Lover of Sewing in Historic Greenwich

My walk to work on Monday bank holiday, yes I went to work.....when you sew for a living the hours are not always 9 to 5 not that i'm complaining, I one of the fortunate ones that can honestly say "I love my work" and what's not to love; my walk to work took me through a new face of Greenwich and into the older familiar part of town where I was reminded what a great place I live and work in!

Then I get to sew all day!  Sewing Club is based in the building on the left when lovers of sewing can drop in and sew once or serveral times a week, get help with projects, share ideas and skills and have a little time in a creative environment doing something they love.

Your Sewing Place!

A Sewing room where you can have a go at sewing something from a cushion, to a bag, an apron.  Browse the Pattern Books, Sit on an Armchair and knit your own personal space away from the hustle and bustle of life to create and be you! I love this space! - First Floor, 22 Nelson Road, Greenwich, SE10 9JB - 07403583001 - Learn to Sew in Historic Greenwich - London!